A supply or purchasing company based in Dubai with connection with various furniture, lighting, artworks and building materials in Europe and the Far East. We supply custom made furniture and lighting ranging from high end to working within the Owners budget.

LDS is a lighting design studio with professional background and experience in the design of lighting for a wide range of domestic and international projects, which vary in size and complexity and include interior and exterior lighting as well as custom luminaries design.

We work in close collaboration with our client and their architects and designers, using light to reveal the core principles of the design while integrating light into the final build in form.

Our approach is to reinforce the architectural and interior design intent with the application of practical, innovative, energy efficient and maintainable lighting solutions that produces creative, functional and effective lighted environments.  Lighting sets the mood and stirs emotions and can transform the subconscious feeling of a space.

Our team of lighting design professionals brings to the firm a variety of experience and educational background. Collectively we draw from background in lighting design experts, architecture, interior design and lighting engineering. This cross section of talents enable us to bring a unique perspective to each of our project with a lot of creativity.

Our goal is to provide lighting design excellence creating meaningful and comfortable experiences.


RDS is an affiliated company to International Interior Architectural Design Consultancy:ID studio. ID studio, well established within the international hospitality and leisure industry, has built an impressive customer base including Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hilton, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Mandarin Oriental, Kempinski, Marriott hotels and many more. Thereby gaining widespread experience and knowledge of international market needs.

This unique expertise and knowledge is the basis on which RDS has been built. RDS specializes in private residential projects across the world, ranging from small-scale redecorations to full concept interior design. Whatever the requirement, RDS’ unique vision of modern, clean aesthetics with expert personal attention throughout will ensure that finest results are achieved, always with exceptional professionalism and punctuality.

In order to integrate customers’ requirements with all other design criteria, RDS initially analyses and studies in-depth, cultural environments, geographical factors within the given architectural context.

In each project and after having completed all interior architecture essentials, concepts within RDS progress through selectively bringing together furniture, fixtures and equipment, as harmoniously ascolours, fabrics and finishes allow. Indeed, and depending on customers wishes the effect can be easy and practical or indulging in ultimate luxury. Whatever the requirement though, the result will ‘reign’ within a framework of inspirational décor, marking each bespoke project’s artistic individuality.

A contemporary and fresh regard, and a fine and flawless elegance guide RDS throughout in an uninterrupted fashion.

This underlying philosophy is followed from start to finish, in all respects, and in all spaces of the home, in an ‘unbroken’ sequence portraying an even flow of immaculate aesthetics.



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