Interior Development

‘A well designed interior should always give the impression of a much larger budget'

A-Interior Development - ICR RAK - JOE'S BRASSERIE COMP

A Synergy Between Creativity and Time Management

From simply restyling an F&B outlet or hotel guest room to offering complete hotel interior architecture and design for all areas within 4 and 5-star hotels, we have two very specialized teams to develop the design.

Using a tried & tested inclusive process for developing concepts, we remove the risk of potential and damaging scheduling delays. With initial planning and design development provided only by the principals, we have a very high success rate for concept approval at the first presentation (approximately 95%). Following the concept phase we also have well-established internal design development processes that allow us to follow the schedule throughout the course of the package development.


Eco consideration


Eco-Refurb Ensure that environmental concerns are part of the brief for any refurbishment

Before we tackle the interior design development, internally we consider the typical environmental consideration regarding energy conservation and our specifications. However, for any refurbishment, we also provide advice regarding the retention, disposal, or upcycling of items within your old interior.

This aspect of any refurbishment requires almost as much consideration as the development of the new interior.


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